This used to be a Vocaloid Romaji Lyrics blog (hence the url), but then things happened and I got lazy and this ended up being a "VocaWhatever and Other Things" blog. Blog Formats change whenever I find a more efficient way to format things. (The formatting also takes like, forever)

If you would like me to romanize something, shoot me a message! I'm pretty amateur (as in, Google Translate amateur), but I'll do my best. My only requirement is that the song has Japanese lyrics printed out somewhere on the internet.

The lyrics here are not intended for commercial use, unless you have explicit permission from the author of the song/lyrics. They are for recreational use (in other words, for fun. Not for profit.).

Disclaimer: You use this blog and the information it contains at your own risk. I am also not liable for your mistakes.

This Blog Contains:
  •  Romaji Lyrics
  • Albums of eclectic taste I will probably focus more on free doujin music in the future because come on, who doesn't like free music? That, plus any Vocaloid albums will be already listed in VocaDB, and it feels redundant to list them here.
  • Vocaloid/UTAU Rankings (Every single goddamn song listed inside the ranking video, and not just the top 30. Okay, this is kinda a crazy and monumental task, but I am a crazy and uh, yeah, I'm just crazy.)
  • "For New Listeners", basically a quick Vocaloid summary. Also contains song suggestions containing each Vocaloid.
To-Do List:
  • Do more VocaRankings.  Ha. Ha. Hahahaha.
  • Update the "For New Listeners".


2014/07/01: Focus of the blog was officially changed from VocaRomaji to VocaWhatever.
2014/07/05: Removed Tag Sidebox, Tag Directory, and Vocaloid Circle Links.
2014/10/25: Album Directory format was updated.
2014/11/04: Finished updating Song Directory.